You can contact me in the Contact section if you require any help with Talking Time Keeper. However, take a quick look in this section to see if your question can be answered right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When I open certain TTK windows, the writing seems misplaced and runs off the window so I can't see all of it. What's going on?

Answer: This is a common problem with graphics based dialog box applications. It happens when you have special screen settings. There's no elegant way to fix this problem unfortunately, it's just one of those Windows perculiarities. However, you can fix it by altering your screen settings. Just right click on your desktop background and go to Properties. Then select 'Settings', then 'Advanced'. Now change the DPI to 96. This will change your screen in various ways including reducing the size of the font back to normal. If you still want a large font, you can set it seperately by going to the 'Appearance' tab (on the same window as the 'Settings' tab). I'm planning to improve the way TTK handles this problem in the near future however, so keep a look out for updates if this solution isn't satisfactory.

Question: I press the Synchronise button, but the time adjustment is incorrect. It's a few hours out. Why is this?

Answer: This is very probably down to your PC having the wrong Time Zone setting. To correct this, just double click the left mouse button on the Windows clock in the System Tray on the Task Bar (usually in the far bottom right of your Desktop screen). Now select the Time Zone tab, and then select the Time Zone to match where you live.

Question: How do I build my own voice?

Answer: You will have a shortcut to the Talking Time Keeper Voice Builder on you desktop. Alternatively you can select it via the Start button on the Windows Task Bar, select Programs, then Talking Time Keeper, then Voice Builder. Select it, then just follow the instructions from there. Once built, your voice will automatically appear in the preferences window of TTK.

Question: I've forgotten, how do I get the main window to appear?

Answer: On your Windows Task Bar you'll find a Talking Time Keeper icon (shown below) in the System Tray. Just right click on this and your main menu will appear. Select Help from the main window for more information.

Question: I'm having trouble recording a voice. What could be wrong?

Answer: If your TTK Voice builder is having trouble with recording, first check the microphone is correctly plugged in and switched on. Otherwise the most likely problem is the sound card. First check that it is installed correctly. If you're still having problems it may be that you have quite an old sound card. Old sound cards may not be able to handle recording at good quality frequencies. Sound cards today can be bought for very little cost and easily installed, and will almost certainly be able to handle the recording demands required by the TTK Voice Builder (for reference the recording settings for TTK Voice Builder are set to 16bit, 48KHz).

Question: My voice is being recorded just fine, but it's quite poor quality, there's a hissing noise in the background all the time. What can I do?

Answer: This is most likely due to your hardware. Good quality microphones can be bought quite cheaply these days, so if you're using a very cheap PC mic for example, you may find it worth while buying a new one. However, if you think your microphone should be up to the job, then check to see if your sound card is integrated into the mother board. If it is you may want to buy a new sound card (which are also very cheap these days), as integrated sound cards are known to have problems with recording quality. This is due to the motherboard causing audible interference because it's circuitry is so close by.